JATO in Macedonian can be directly described and translated as FLOCK in English,

This is the flock of animals or people that is constantly changing places. This form of a moving family that always separates and then comes back to their own grounds.

If we adopt this mindset of ourselves as this arbitrary family we are a JATO of people. A JATO that is migrating to different places of the world, welcomed by the local community with great hospitality which they impact, and at the same time leaving the environment intact. JATO that is reanimating the previous EASA experiences in continuity. 




Trpejca is a south-west village in Macedonia, settled at the foot of the Galichica mountain, along the shore of the lake Ohrid, which is declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Because of its topography and age, Trpejca is rich in layers and contrasts, geographically, culturally and traditionally, as is the nature of our EASA community.

It is located three hours south from the capital by bus, or 30 minutes away from the city of Ohrid.


By following the theme of JATO, we arranged each country to be welcomed and stay in each of the village houses. 

By cohabiting in that way, and both sides experiencing each other's natural habits, the impact the locals and EASA people will have on each other is grater than any impact we have experienced before.

incmvillage - Copy.jpg

community center

The village school will be our main common area. It is situated on a cliff in the highest point of the village with a view on the lake.


If the community center is located on the highest point of the village, the bar is located on the lowest point in the village, just on the shore of the lake.


Се врати меѓу своите,

се врати во своето ЈАТО.

He came back among his own people,

he came back to his JATO.